Jun 10, 2015

3D Ultrasound in San Antonio – Neera Bhatia MD

Dr. Neera Bhatia Obgyn - 3D Ultrasound in San  Antonio – Neera Bhatia MD

3D ultrasound has revolutionized the physician’s ability to asses the health of unborn children and provided patients and their families with an earlier introduction to their unborn child. The images from this technology are stunning. You can see more on my page 3D/4D Ultrasound. Or visit the digital copy of the brochure uploaded @ Neera_Bhatia_3D_Sonogram_Brochure.pdf.

Let’s talk about both of the points above. First, the patient and her family can better visualize the unborn child at an earlier stage in the first trimester. Additionally, the patient can do so in the privacy of the office, receive a recorded copy of the session, and the patient can receive a full checkup by Dr. Bhatia in the same visit. Most importantly, the ultrasound is always reviewed by Dr. Bhatia and affords you a level of comfort and security that does not exist when non-licensed technicians read the image. Second, Dr. Bhatia uses the images to better examine your baby’s health. 37 years in practice certainly helps but it is made all the more powerful by cutting-edge ultrasound technology.

We love to play a role in our patients’ pregnancy – not only as the physician but also as part of the family. Would you like to try an ultrasound? For the summer, please call, email, or schedule an appointment online and mention this blog post to receive a 25% discount on 3D ultrasounds!

We look forward to hosting you in the most technologically advanced 3D ultrasound suite for obstetrics patients in San Antonio as part of Neera Bhatia MD.


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