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Energy-Based Vessel Sealing May Improve Vaginal Hysterectomy

Energy-based vessel sealing during vaginal hysterectomy appears to decrease operating time, blood loss, and hospital stay, according to a pair of Canadian researchers. But one of the two told Reuters Health that the technique isn’t quite ready for prime time. “Energy-based vessel sealing has the potential to improve operative capability and surgical outcomes,” said Dr….

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Good Hemostasis With LigaSure in Laparoscopic Hysterectomy

Operating time and blood loss during laparoscopic hysterectomy are similar whether hemostasis is achieved with LigaSure or conventional bipolar instruments, Dutch researchers say. LigaSure (Valleylab, Boulder, Colorado) desiccates vascular tissues using a feedback-programmed amount of bipolar diathermy, effectively closing vessels up to 7 mm with a seal that can withstand three times the normal systolic…

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Endometrial Ablation Has Advantages Over Hysterectomy for Heavy Menstruation

When women need treatment for heavy menstrual bleeding, endometrial ablation is less likely than hysterectomy to be followed later by pelvic floor repair or surgery for urinary incontinence, a Scottish study indicates. Using population-based data, Dr. S. Bhattacharya of the University of Aberdeen and colleagues examined the risk of further surgery in more than 51,000…

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Are Endometrial Polyps Overtreated?

A metaanalysis of women who have had polypectomies suggests that postmenopausal status and abnormal bleeding are negatively associated with endometrial neoplasia. However, a second prospective analysis of patients diagnosed with polyps who were referred for follow-up rather than immediate intervention suggests that “watch and wait” might be the most prudent course in a majority of…

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Obesity May Increase Complications of Abdominal Hysterectomy

Obesity may increase the risks of bleeding and infections after abdominal hysterectomy, but a body mass index (BMI) below 20 kg/m2 also seems to increase the risks of bleeding and infection after abdominal hysterectomy and laparoscopic hysterectomy, respectively, according to the results of an observational cohort study reported online April 5 in Human Reproduction. “We found that…

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