Dec 15, 2022

Pelvic Floor Pain: Why It Shouldn’t Be Ignored

Dr. Neera Bhatia Obgyn - Pelvic Floor Pain: Why It Shouldn’t Be Ignored

When unexplained pain occurs it can be a little scary. Sometimes we’ll ignore the pain in the hopes that it will eventually subside. However, when it comes to women’s health, there are certain types of pain that should never be left unchecked. Pelvic floor pain can occur at any time and comes in the form of pain, pressure, and cramping in the lower part of your belly. 

Pelvic floor pain can vary from person to person but no matter the severity, it should always be checked by your San Antonio OBGYN. One in seven women will experience pelvic floor pain at some point in their lives so, this month’s blog post will be focused on the causes and the importance of having your pelvic floor pain checked as soon as possible. 

Why You Shouldn’t Ignore Your Pelvic Floor Pain

First, this type of pain can lead to long-lasting and unnecessary suffering. Some will wait for the pain to go away on its own, thus, putting off a visit to their San Antonio women’s health clinic. Meanwhile, pelvic floor pain can lead to painful intercourse and even make it difficult to function during day-to-day activities. A quick search for ‘OBGYN near me’ can lead you to Dr. Neera Bhatia and her caring staff who can provide a proper diagnosis and treatment, giving you your life back.

Beyond interfering with your day-to-day life, one of the biggest reasons we encourage women experiencing pelvic floor pain to visit their San Antonio OBGYN is it could be symptomatic of a more serious underlying condition. These conditions can range from mild to life-threatening, such as ovarian cysts, endometriosis, uterine fibroids, and ovarian cancer. Even if the pain is tolerable, a visit to your women’s health clinic is still necessary.

Another reason to search for ‘gynecologist near me’ at the first sign of pelvic floor pain is you may have a pelvic floor disorder. The pelvic floor is composed of muscles, nerves, ligaments, and connective tissues that play a huge role in supporting your bladder, vagina, and uterus. In some women, the pelvic floor does not work as it should with nearly 25% of women having pelvic floor disorder.

Finally, ignoring pelvic floor pain and skipping a visit to your women’s health clinic can result in severe complications. Your body’s systems work together, so experiencing abnormal pain is your body’s way of letting you know something is wrong. Ignoring your pain can cause your underlying condition to progress putting you at risk for a more serious condition that could be more difficult to treat.

Your San Antonio OBGYN is Here For You

Your pelvic floor pain doesn’t have to become a burden. When diagnosed early, you’re giving yourself a chance for treatment options that may be less invasive than those that are for treating a more severe condition. The first step to a healthy pelvic floor is searching for a ‘female OBGYN near me’ and booking your appointment. Our women’s health clinic is staffed with caring and nurturing physicians who are ready to help get you on the road to recovery. Contact the offices of Dr. Neera Bhatia at 210.222.2694 to schedule your appointment today!


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