Health in Pregnancy

Health in Pregnancy | Neera Bhatia Obgyn San AntonioCongratulations again on your pregnancy! An important part of your wellness and that of your child is determined by your lifestyle during pregnancy. Please find a number of guidelines relating appropriate nutrition, exercise, and medications during pregnancy below. Again, these guidelines are not exhaustive, but provide a basis from which to work while crafting a health plan during pregnancy.

Many women find themselves inundated with information during pregnancy. Instead of fretting about the nuances of diet and nutrition, try to maintain a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Be informed, apply guidelines when possible, and maintain a consistent line of communication with your physician.

Dr. Bhatia, the Best OBGYN in San Antonio,  is here to help you achieve a successful pregnancy. Please discuss any questions or concerns with her at your next gynecologist San Antonio appointment or via the contact the doctor form!

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