Essure Tubal Ligation

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Essure is a permanent birth control solution that does not involve hormones, general anesthesia, or an abdominal incision.

How It Works:


The procedure is performed in the office by placing a small implant in the openings of the fallopian tubes through a hysteroscope.


  • A soft, flexible micro-insert is passed through the vagina and cervix into each fallopian tube;
  • Over the next several weeks, the patient’s body creates a natural barrier which prevents sperm from reaching the egg;
  • Until the three month appointment, patients will remain on another form of contraception;
  • At three months, the patient will undergo an Essure Confirmation Test to verify the success of the procedure and protection from unplanned pregnancy;
  • The test confirms success by examining the fallopian tubes and verifying that they remain blocked;
  • If successful, the test confirms that Essure will be the primary means of contraception;
  • The eggs produced after the procedure are simply absorbed by the body.


To serve as a permanent form of contraception.

Patient Requirements:

Satisfied parity (patient does not desire any future pregnancy).


Patients may return to work the next day.

Additional Information:


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