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Cryotherapy is a freezing treatment used to remove abnormal cells from the cervix.

How It Works:

  • Patient lies on her back and places legs in stirrups;
  • Dr. Bhatia inserts a speculum into the vagina in the same way as the pelvic exam;
  • Small cryo probes are inserted into the vagina until they firmly cover the abnormal areas of cervical tissue;
  • Liquid nitrogen begins to flow through the cryo probes at a temperature of approximately -50 degrees Celsius;
  • The liquid causes the metal cryo probes to freeze and destroy superficial abnormal cervical tissue;
  • Freezing generally lasts three minutes followed by thawing and then repeating the protocol


Treatment for mildly abnormal pap smears.

Patient Requirements:

All patients must have had:

  • Pap smears with any abnormal result; and
  • Completed Colposcopy for additional examination and the ensuing results


Patients may return to regular activities the next day.

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