May 9, 2023

Focusing on Self-Care This Mother’s Day, and Every Day

Dr. Neera Bhatia Obgyn - Focusing on Self-Care This Mother’s Day, and Every Day

When it comes to motherhood, it’s important to know that not all moms are in the same boat. There are various stages of motherhood, each with its own challenges – each with its own rewards. Understanding that every mom is in a different stage of motherhood provides the opportunity for mothers to properly care for themselves in a way that their children will benefit from as well. 

As the best “female OBGYN near me”, we encourage self-care practices not only on Mother’s Day but every day. So we’ve put together some information to help you as well as your beloved mother practice self-care that will not only benefit your overall well-being but benefit your quality of work and home-life balance. 

Stages of Motherhood

At our women’s health clinic, Dr. Neera Bhatia cares for patients in all stages, from pre-motherhood to current. In pre-motherhood, women are either trying to have a baby naturally or undergoing fertility treatments to aid in the process. This is an incredible journey, one that will change your life in a variety of ways but one that can be difficult to get to. As your preferred San Antonio OBGYN, we want you to know this is normal as every woman is different. Here are a few tips to help you on your fertility journey. 

First, track your menstrual cycle as closely as possible. Our “gynecologist near me” also recommends purchasing an ovulation predictor kit to test your urine as it will give you an idea of when you’re ovulating. To increase your chances of conceiving, we also suggest trying to have intercourse every other day around the day you’re scheduled to ovulate. And, most importantly, it’s important to stay positive, keep a healthy mindset, and enjoy the process.

Our OBGYN services are also for first-time moms. If you’ve recently brought a new life into the world for the first time, your daily life is more-than-likely equal parts exciting and stressful, in good ways of course. During this time it’s important that you know you are not being overly cautious when it comes to your health. There is no one who knows your body the way you do so, if something seems off, trust your instincts. 

Schedule an appointment with your San Antonio OBGYN to get your symptoms checked out. Beyond this, it’s imperative that you’re taking time to yourself both physically and mentally when possible as even just a few minutes to yourself can make a big difference. Should you not feel right mentally, please do not be ashamed to consult with your San Antonio OBGYN about your symptoms so that they can determine if you’re experiencing postpartum depression.

Several of our patients are also mothers to multiple children, and we encourage self-care as much as possible for them as well. It’s important to treat yourself every so often and take time for yourself as it is critical to your mental health. For moms of multiple children, it can feel like you’re being pulled in several directions, possibly because you truly are. It’s important to know your limits and ask for help when needed, as your mental well-being should come first. 

Whether you’re trying to become a mom or are one, our San Antonio OBYGN services are designed to provide top-quality care for every stage of a woman’s life. To schedule an appointment online with Dr. Bhatia OBGYN or contact our offices today at 210.222.2694.


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