Mar 28, 2014

OBGYN San Antonio

Every woman deserves an OBGYN she can trust. The physician should provide a host of advice that is tailored to the individual client – from a young adult looking for an annual check-up to a woman who is seeking prenatal care for her unborn child. Dr. Neera Bhatia MD is a skilled OBGYN in San Antonio that not only provides, but excels, in meeting the demands of every patient.

Dr. Neera Bhatia’s San Antonio OBGYN services provide experienced, top notch care for all stages of a woman’s life. Many of her OBGYN services in San Antonio include preventative care and treatment that is tailored to suit a woman’s everyday needs.

Dr. Bhatia has over 30 years of experience in the OBGYN field – a unique measure in today’s marketplace. With this experience presiding over a patient’s care, one can feel secure that she will receive service that has withstood the test of time for many patients such as herself.

Among Dr. Bhatia’s highlighted services are the following.

First, state of the art 3D/4D ultrasound in her office. This technology complements care during every trimester and post-partum care.

Second, expertise and care from conception through postpartum visits with advice for your child and your health. This advice spans more than requisite medical knowledge and includes lifestyle counseling and wellness evaluations. These services are employed to ensure mothers and children, alike, enjoy a healthy, productive, and loving life.

Third, Dr. Bhatia also offers a variety of basic infertility services to help couples who are struggling with having a child. Her San Antonio OBGYN services include induction of ovulation, uterine examination and diagnosis of male infertility. Dr. Neera Bhatia will gladly refer you to another trusted doctor for Advanced Reproductive Technology, if necessary.

To learn more about her OBGYN San Antonio service, call us today to (210) 222-2694 or schedule your appointment online. Dr. Neera Bhatia MD has two offices, one in Metropolitan Methodist and one in Methodist Stone Oak Hospital, to provide convenience and options to clients in San Antonio.


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