Apr 12, 2023

Your San Antonio OBGYN is Here For You

Dr. Neera Bhatia Obgyn - Your San Antonio OBGYN is Here For You

As women, one of the best gifts we can give ourselves is the gift of self-care. And one of the best ways to do this is by protecting our reproductive and overall health. A visit to your women’s health clinic once a year is ideal to maintain your health. If you don’t have one, there’s no better time than now to begin your search. Following your search for “female OBGYN near me” or “gynecologist near me”, we suggest scheduling your appointment with Dr. Neera Bhatia OBGYN for your wellness check. 

The Importance of Regular Women’s Health Clinic Visits

Regular visits to your gynecologist are imperative to protect your health. Your San Antonio OBGYN is an expert in diagnosing and treating conditions and diseases that affect your reproductive system including infections, inflammation, or cancer. Visits to your gynecologist are necessary as your exam will provide:

  • An assessment of the health of your reproductive system
  • An assessment of the health of your breasts
  • Diagnostics of vaginal or reproductive infections
  • Detection of sexually transmitted infections or diseases
  • Early detection of any vaginal or cervical abnormalities including cancer
  • Early detection of breast lumps which can be early detection of breast cancer

While it can be uncomfortable, an exam at your women’s health clinic is nothing to fear. During your exam your San Antonio OBGYN will perform a breast examination, a comprehensive gynecological exam to assess your reproductive health, and a pap smear to detect any abnormalities. Additionally, your appointment will include birth control options should they be requested, and a diagnosis and treatment for acute infections or conditions that affect your reproductive system.

If you’re a woman who wants to start a family, you’re still in the right place. Our San Antonio OBGYN will provide fertility and family counseling, provide pregnancy testing, and provide prenatal counseling. Our women’s health clinic also specializes in diagnosis and treatment for perimenopause and menopause which includes hormone replacement therapy suggestions and the prevention and management of osteoporosis and other menopause-related conditions.

If it sounds overwhelming, it’s OK. There’s quite a bit that goes into protecting a woman’s reproductive health which is why the professionals at Dr. Neera Bhatia OBGYN are highly trained and skilled in gynecological practices designed to protect your health from pre-teen to post-menopausal. When it comes to building a healthcare team to protect your health, your San Antonio OBGYN is an integral part of that ensemble. That’s why visits to your women’s health clinic are recommended to be done once a year to ensure any conditions are addressed and treated before they evolve.

The team at Dr. Neera Bhatia OBGYN is accepting new patients and is ready to meet you and address any concerns you may have as well as do a full assessment of your reproductive health. Our nurturing and caring staff will provide the care you need and deserve while keeping you as comfortable as possible. Whether it’s your very first exam or it’s been a while since your last exam, we encourage you to schedule your appointment with our women’s health clinic today at 210.222.2694, as you can never be too safe when it comes to your reproductive care.


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