Nov 9, 2022

Your San Antonio OBGYN Wants You to Focus on You

Dr. Neera Bhatia Obgyn - Your San Antonio OBGYN Wants You to Focus on You

Every day of the year is a good time to focus on yourself and your health, but the holidays hold a little extra significance. The holidays are full of stressful situations and events and, let’s be honest, we women end up handling the majority of the responsibilities for our families, especially during the holidays. As San Antonio’s preferred women’s health clinic, we want you to have a happy and healthy holiday season which is why we’d like to offer you some tips to help you focus on your health this holiday season. After all, the holiday season is a time to enjoy!

First, It’s a Good Idea to Plan Ahead

With all of the pressures that come with the holiday season, it’s pretty typical to get overwhelmed. One of the best ways to manage your stress levels during the holidays is to plan your OBGYN services in advance as well as make sure they’re on a realistic timeframe. This includes a search for a ‘female OBGYN near me’ and scheduling your yearly check-up at a San Antonio women’s health clinic like Dr. Neera Bhatia OBGYN. Write everything down in a calendar so you always know what you have going on for the week, and be sure to schedule time for yourself.

Always Drink Plenty of Water

As your preferred San Antonio OBGYN, we know you’ve heard this before but it bears repeating. Alcohol can do a number on our bodies, from dehydrating our skin to increasing our appetites, excessive amounts of alcohol can take a toll on our bodies and hormones. The team at our women’s health clinic recommends drinking a glass of water after every glass of alcohol. We promise, your body and skin will thank you

Try Not to Overindulge

As the top ‘gynecologist near me’, we also recommend avoiding overindulging during the holidays, which could require a medical weight loss diet. This one can be tough as the holidays usually equate to a lot of delicious food. However, something we tend to see after the holidays at our San Antonio women’s health clinic is women coming in with bloating issues. Quite a few times the cause is overindulgence during the holidays. It’s a quick fix but one that your San Antonio OBGYN would also like for you to try and avoid.

Do Your Best to Stay Active

While the holidays are a time to enjoy ourselves and relax we should try and avoid getting too comfortable. Whether it’s a brisk walk or some holiday dancing in the living room, your local San Antonio OBGYN recommends staying as active as possible during the holiday season.

But, Above All Else, Enjoy Your Holiday Season

At our women’s health clinic, we want you to have a healthy holiday season and this applies to your mental health as well. The most important thing you can do for yourself is take time to focus on the things that matter: spending quality time with family and friends. Beyond everything else, laughter and cheer should be your ultimate goal this holiday season.

Your health is important to us. Whether your New Year’s resolution is to focus on your health or if you are searching for a new ‘female OBGYN near me’ for your annual check-up, Dr. Neera Bhatia and her staff are here for you. Contact our office today to schedule your appointment online or at 210.222.2694!


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