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Regenerative Therapies

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Do you wish you could reverse these effects of the aging process without having surgery, taking more medicines or spending a fortune? Now you can!!!

You are a perfect candidate for regenerative therapies, if:

  • Do you wish you could reverse these effects of the aging process without having surgery, taking more medicines or spending a fortune?
  • Do you suffer from diminished, absent or painful Sexual Function or Performance?
  • Do you Leak Urine despite taking medicine or doing pelvic floor strengthening work?
  • Have your Breasts or even your Vaginal Labia, Lost Volume or Natural Shape?
  • Have you Lost Hair?
  • Have the effects of aging and gravity resulted in unwanted wrinkles, volume loss and discoloration in your Face and Neck?
  • Does your husband have Erectile Dysfunction or Diminished Performance?

We are excited to now offer the following in office treatments: O-Shot®, Priapus Shot®, Vampire Facelift®, Vampire Breast-lift®, Vampire Facial® and Hair Restoration. Through the use of Patient- Derived, PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) we have been able to restore youth, function and vitality to our patients who struggle with Sexual Dysfunction, Painful Intercourse, Inability to Achieve Orgasm, Loss of Libido, Lichen Sclerosis, Urinary Incontinence, Loss of Breast Volume or Loss of Nipple Sensitivity from Implants, Hair Loss, Erectile Dysfunction, Facial Wrinkles, Acne Scars and many other effects of aging. By incorporating Regenerative Technologies with our existing Natural Hormone Replacement techniques & Pelvic Floor Therapy, we are able to treat conditions that both men and women have long suffered with, without previously having affordable, minimally invasive modalities available.

We specialize in Facial, Skin, Genitourinary and Breast Treatments, that result in both Improved function and Restored Volume with Subtle, Natural results. We are able to accomplish this by using, state of the art, minimally invasive technologies and powerful products derived from the patient’s own blood. Our procedures for improving Sexual Function and Enhancing Beauty in both Men and Women and curing conditions such as Urinary Incontinence have been life changing for many individuals and couples alike. Our belief is that all adults should have the right to subtly reverse the effects of aging on their bodies, if it causes them distress and they should be able to address their issues in a comfortable, caring environment.

These promises to our patients are done through a very specialized, minimally invasive, in-office technique, using Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) and sometimes Amnion & Hyaluronic Acid to regenerate blood vessels, muscle, fat, connective tissue and nerves, resulting in healthy, functional, native, tissue growth in the area treated. The results of the O Shot®, P Shot® and the Vampire® Procedures listed above have been truly remarkable. One of the most attractive aspects of these techniques to most patients is the lack of a medicine or having an invasive surgery while still getting excellent results at a fraction of the cost of an invasive surgical procedure.

The medical as well as aesthetic possibilities seem endless and we are at the threshold of a new era in the field of healing and regenerative treatments. We are thrilled to be part of the beginning of this new direction in medicine.

Improved function, Restored Volume, Subtle, Natural Results! For more information or if you would like to schedule a procedure or a consultation, call us at (210) 222-2694.

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This is the year to treat yourself so YOU can be the best YOU, YOU can be!!!!

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